Must-Have Free Apps with a Rental iPad

Apple ipads are leaders of the tradeshow today for they have revolutionized the modern technology spell-bindingly. Ipads are best known for their multitasking nature. Being portable, business professionals can have a cake walk experience using ipads. Students of various fields find it a good tool to accomplish the tasks at hand without any hassle. 

Though ipad catches everyone’s eyes, purchasing it may seem unreal for many since market prices are eye-watering. So renting an ipad can be the best economical option. Renting an ipad is also a quick and easy way to meet the needs of occasions, events or gatherings. The best reliable source for ipad rental is Techno Edge Systems LLC in Dubai.

iPad users can have access to millions of apps. Some may be in a dilemma as to what to download in the app store or some essential apps may be unnoticed in the ocean of apps. Here are a few you can download for free which you find good too:

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Ipad Rental


Crackle is a must have app on your ipad. You can download it for free and so you do not have to shell out any bucks on the subscription. You can watch your favorite movies and great TV shows on this app. It’s interface outsmarts that of Netflix too.


Movies and books are always our first love and music is the other area of exploration that interests us. Pandora plays music in the background while you are doing other things with the ipad. Pandora mimics your home stereo by bringing the same effect when it is linked with Home sharing.  So you can have all your music collection on Pandora, which makes it one of the best apps on ipad.

3) Dropbox:

If you want to get a 2GB of free storage on your ipad, you may have to download the Dropbox app. It is a Cloud-based app which lets you share files between your devices. Without having to connect a cable, you can transfer all the photos that you want from your ipad to computer. If you have a lot of documents on your computer, Dropbox will store them on your iPad so you can have access. Drop box is more sophisticated and proven to be a better solution than iCloud-Drive.  

4) Epicurious:

If you love cooking, you have found a good guide Epicurious. 30,000 recipes are available on this app for you to enjoy your cooking experience. It can form your best companion while cooking and just needs a download to invite.

5) Calculator HD Pro:

Calculator is a constant requirement on anyone’s desk and Calculator HD Pro makes calculation simple on ipad. The app is featured with standard mode suitable for simple calculation and a scientific mode for an advanced Maths class.  

6) Mint Personal finance:

Mint is a finance and budget planning app which automatically collects data from your accounts. It further divides the data into groups such as food, rent, petrol etc and evidently organizing your budget gets easier. Downloading app can do the wonder.

7) Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a great associate for students in college, middle school or high school. This app contains huge variety of lessons and makes preparation for SAT easy. Khan’s Academy has many educational videos on Mathematics, Science, History etc and its up to the seeker to extract the most out of it.

8) Temple Run 2:

Games are always in the list of priorities for the fun they can give. A number of interesting games are available for a download on ipad but Temple Run 2 is the most addictive gaming app you can have. It is the sequel of runner game that brought a new definition to this genre. 

In day to day life, these free apps etch out your needs and serve your purposes in the best way. With rental ipad, you can have access to a number of apps and especially enjoy innumerable benefits from the free apps. 


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